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After stealing Jinjiang counter attack, Northern shoes have a new anxiety?
From: Guangzhou Jiaxin Shoe Making Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-03-13

Three the town under the Anxin County of Hebei province Baoding City, located in the west of Tiananmen and xiongan District, straight line distance less than 150 kilometers. According to media reports and public data, the three Taiwan town currently has 3000 shoe enterprises, with an annual output of 500 million pairs of shoes, the annual output value of 20 billion, 30 thousand of the population of the township, there are nearly 150 thousand migrant workers employed in the local shoe production line.


The three has a long history of shoemaking in Jinjiang, but compared with the famous brand of the country and the world's exclusive stores, three shoes long lurk in the wholesale market in the north, compared to Jinjiang in 90s.


After 2008, the industry slipped into the collective predicament of the radical Jinjiang shoe companies, but the conservative three saw the opportunity. Some bosses began to take the opportunity to expand their scale and upgrade their brands. Meanwhile, equipment manufacturers, migrant workers and R & D teams came to Jinjiang.


The establishment of the new area has brought thousands of years of opportunity to the development of the Xiong an economy. It also provided assistance for the transformation and upgrading of the three footwear industry, but the pressure also came.


"If your presence before the three cart, Jinjiang open the aircraft, now we can say that has to sit on the high-speed rail in the chase." A local shoe boss proudly delivered a speech, but he soon fell silent, "the new area can accommodate the footwear industry are summarized as backward production capacity, is now all three boss confused."


Steal Jinjiang

If the Jinjiang sports shoes barbaric growth source on the Nike Adidas imitation, then three sets of sports shoes, began to "steal" in Jinjiang.


After 2000, the old equipment that Fujian eliminated gradually entered three units. The three shoe factories which were originally made by hand have started assembly line production, and the output and quality have been greatly improved. Although the first line brand from Jinjiang is still unreachable, the small shoe companies in Jinjiang have already felt the threat from the three.



Three counter attacks

The beginning of 2010, as long as can afford the price, three units have been able to buy through formal channels, in the market of Jinjiang and synchronization of shoe-making equipment and the original design, the space barrier was broken; at the same time, the domestic footwear industry downturn, the rapid expansion of capital operation on Jinjiang shoe collective dilemma.


In the eyes of three bosses, the once worshiping example of learning has become the reverse teaching material.



"De Erhui shoes I have studied, good quality, they must be the boss bankruptcy mind in other places." Liu Quansheng believes that the loss of the focus of the start-up period is the decisive factor in the decline of Jinjiang shoes, and the spirit of dedication is the biggest advantage of the three.


Brand breakthrough and industrial upgrading into the next step of planning, has developed in the three better head shoe enterprises to form a consensus.


In 2016, Tianhong company (837702.OC) landed three new board, a shoe, three sets of the first shock of the capital market at the same time, it invited Zhao Liying endorsement for its brand shoes; in January this year, three yield the largest shoe trillion, the signing of Zhao Zhongxiang's old Jianbu shoe brand spokesperson.

In the past, we only know that shoes are good, but we don't know about marketing. In the future, we must make bigger brands, develop e-commerce and store models, but we must not be too fast. We must keep pace with products.


"Liu Quansheng believes that three shoe factories have already lined up the domestic midline brand, but he also acknowledges that compared with the first-line brands such as Anta, three shoes are still lagging behind in all aspects. Although the celebrity endorsement is invited, the three bosses still have a defensive line in advertising.


Liu Quansheng does not want to ask for a celebrity endorsement for the time being, and he wants to do something better, which he expects to take three to five years.


Beijing Fujian


Technology, design, examples, lessons, after the "fall" in Jinjiang, talent has become the last wealth they left to the three.

After 2010, the upgrading and transformation of some three scale shoe factories began to start. After the scale expansion, the family based management mode was difficult to continue. Therefore, a large number of shoe executives in Jinjiang background were dug up to three by high salary as the last piece of puzzle. Now, of the three shoe companies with more than two lines of production, 90% of the managers come from Fujian.


"The treatment here is 30% higher than Jinjiang." Ding Wei is a native of Fujian, engaged in shoe-making industry for 23 years, served two listed Jinjiang shoe enterprises, currently serves as general manager of "expanding" Jinjiang Taiwan atrophy and three Taiwan in three a large scale shoe, so he decided five years ago to the north.


Ding Wei was prepared for the gap between the two places, but first to three, the difficulty of his work was still a surprise. "Workers play a little every day, three days a big fight", light is the problem of fighting and fighting, he spent a year. "The workshop is not standard, the quality is not standard, the process is not standard, and the management is not standard." Ding Wei said that the three sets were at least fifteen years behind Jinjiang.


"I know almost all of de Erhui and xdlong executives, their boss has no plans to take a shoe to make money, do real estate speculation stocks, want to use the money to make money." Although the three started low vision without Fujian open, but the boss is more sedate and pragmatic attitude, and the work of their full cooperation and desperate, Ding Wei let him to stay overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.


After five years of mediation, the factory of Ding Wei's inauguration is now on the right track in all aspects, and production and sales are saturated. "To be honest, I think three sets have gone beyond Jinjiang. There is no difference in quality and technology. The style is updated and the production speed is faster." The three shoes that had been fifteen years old were more than Ding Wei expected.


"Of course, beyond simply refers to Jinjiang shoe enterprises at the same level of the market, to make Anta that factory win-win market brands, is a system engineering, from the boss to the full thinking ability, need a great increase, I think three is not within ten years as enterprises." For a moment, Ding Wei added.


In Jinjiang, the boss usually demands a growth rate of 30% to 50%, but at three, the growth rate of 10% will make the boss very satisfied.

Relocation and upgrading


The relocation is a threshold of three bosses to jump the eye in front of.


After the establishment of Xiong an New District, the shoe factory has not received any official clear attitude about the issue of the three shoes industry. They can only get sporadic information from the Internet just like the outsiders.


The second half of last year, the industrial park xiongan surrounding counties have come to three Taiwan merchants, Zhang Guoxiang has been investigated in several places, the last is Gucheng County of Hengshui city in early January of this year he went to the county government, the policy is to give him a loan to buy a bank, a thirty thousand acres, unified planning and construction the park, by the banks to advance, enterprises stationed in and start paying interest repayment.


However, every industrial park requires the scale of the industrial chain to enter. This means that only the unified planning of the two governments can be reliable. No one can make any decisions. On the other hand, the first thing to do is to pay the money to buy the land. If it doesn't move, it has to bear a vacant land.


"Now, there are at least five shoe - related industry associations in three units." A local shoe boss said, at the beginning of last year, three is only a loose association, over investment, where there are differences, several large shoe enterprises led by their own.


In the moving direction, Shijiazhuang Gaoyi, Hengshui Gucheng school school and Dingzhou school, Gaoyi and Dingzhou, the new county government have sent officers to attend. "As long as the county is not clear, who will not act rashly." The shoe company boss said.


Compared to Zhang Guoxiang, Liu Quansheng was ready to bear huge losses. "There is no evidence of the five hundred thousand and one mu." Unable to allocate the professional land as the south, the three shoe factories can only occupy the arable land for expanding production. He bought 20 acres of land in three units the year before, even though the compensation is not much.


In three, there are many shoes to be prepared to expand the size of the enterprise like Liu Quansheng.

"The industrial upgrading of new area is a good thing. I will stay in accordance with the policy requirements. If we have to achieve certain access standards and investment volume, we will continue to do business, and I will not give up. Zhang Guoxiang said his only desire now is to implement the policy quickly.

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